The Rules of Yoga


ahimsa is harmless if possible all sentient beings in cases, words and thoughts. Waiver of power of slaughter.

satya – truthfulness; honesty towards yourself.

asteja – no desire to possess other people’s things.

aparigraha is the freedom from unnecessary (not necessary) things.

brahmacharija – control over his emotions and sexual attraction.


shaucha – necessity of keeping the body clean.

mitahara – pure power, refusal to supply beef.

santos – maintaining a constant positive emotional background, regardless of external circumstances.

svadh’jana – philosophical reflections, interviews, reading, promoting awareness of the meaning of life and the path to perfection.

tapas – any self-restraint for the sake of struggle with their vices.

ishvarapranithana is the constant awareness that God is our teacher, who sets us the multiple lessons of love, wisdom, and power, leading us to perfection.

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