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YOGA PEOPLE (YP) is an international, vnereligioznoe, apoliticheskoe movement, bringing together people involved in strengthening their health any effective systems for self-improvement.

We believe that all true priceless so the essence of the YP-movement is a non-profit activities (community classes).

Our goal is to inspire a global community of seekers of truth. Knowledge can be donated, not always bought and never sold. We intend to promote self-development in the most diverse sectors of modern society: children, pensioners, Office clerks, prisoners, persons with disabilities, housewives.

the basis of the movement of YP =

  • Ethics
  • Love
  • Eco-friendly
  • Truth
  • Cooperation
  • Simplicity
  • World

The main objective of the project: dissemination and valorization of true knowledge, people living ob'edinenenie search of the miraculous, opening the unique places on Earth for all participants

Community on-line

PEOPLE & PLACES portal brings together 3 parts: seeking, true professionals who are ready to share their experiences, and places of power. Practices, music, expedition, dialogue with masters, creativity, online exercises and much more are available all over the world thanks to the YP for free!

  • register using your existing social networks
  • easy access to information about the non-profit classroom
  • an international community
  • open access to the greatest figures of modernity
  • co-creation

Community off-line

The system combines a network of special places or places of power. Points are located in the Himalayas, Russia, United States, Thailand, Israel, Latvia, Denmark, Italy and other countries. Interactive map yogapeoplemap highlights each of these places and describes all classes and seminars taking place here and now. Any community member can freely YogaPeople to come to this place when he comfortably and spend their time in practice and with pleasure. brings together all of the addresses, which hosts free classes. This yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Tzu, Vipassana, retreats and seminars, lectures and satsangs, sermons and initiations, teachings and discussions and much, much more … YP-a treasure trove of the most interesting in the field of science, culture and innovation. Eco-construction, the best festivals, good nutrition, education, library, publishing, tourism is a constituent part of the project.

Who are YogaPeople?

Want to start! How to do it?

Where to start in India?

Where our on Phangan?

Where now the Dalai Lama?

What is Chi Kung and with what it eats?

Food in Denmark, dream share knowledge

I want to find yoga near my home

Is there any Yoga in Santa Monica parks?


Symbiosis and synchronization of virtual and real parts of the project give a multiplier effect. An international community, United by common interests, becomes unified family and team Luna spontaneously and harmoniously in various parts of the world for self-improvement and exchange experiences.


Project developer activity is directed to the highest spiritual goals of total liberation and full enlightenment. And because this result is beyond the material world, the project develops on donations or sponsorship funds. YP movement will never be commercial, but some parts of it can become sources of income for enterprising friends and we try to support such initiatives. Thus the project will become more robust and reliable, bringing more benefits to the world and people.


… Spiritual help is a help that you can give to humanity. The root cause of human suffering is Avidya or ignorance. If you can fix this ignorance in people, then they will be endlessly happy. The Sage, which tries to eliminate ignorance, is the world highest benefactor …

… One who performs devotion, without waiting for the fruits of any kind becomes a powerful Yogi. Karma-Yogi knows the secret work. It does not allow any energy without having wasted on trivial matters. It stores and manages energy. He knows the science of samosderzhannosti. It uses energy to good purposes, which could bring a maximum goodness of as many people as possible. This is art in action, on which the Geeta says in the second chapter. He develops a strong will and strong character. He should have patience …

Sri Swami Sivananda

"The practice of Karma Yoga»


Global project YOGA PEOPLE is open to any initiatives to its development.

You can only change the world together.

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